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Release of MSP430Eclipse

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This looks interesting. I will try to install this package into existing Eclipse Juno... Yesterday I tried to follow the information on this website: http://springuin.nl/articles/launchpadwindows in order to get the open source tools working in windows, but I had some problems with the linker and compiler settings and used 4-5 hours just trying to get the damn Led-blink program to compile and link...


So I hope this works better :)

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Hi folks,   Despite not having too much time to spend on this project, I have made a new release, which fixes a couple of bugs, and changes the way the msp430 tools are used:   [*:2ct61l15]- g

Do you have actually have " instead of " in your entry? If so change all the &qout; to " and save then unplug and replug the launchpad usb cable.   -rick

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