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Job ad the college emailed me ...

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The college sends me emails of jobs they are asked to help fill, and well this one is probably the best one so far ... :roll:


------------------------- is looking for a bright, enthusiastic graduate (or final year student) to join our growing team and who we can train and mentor to eventually become the lead programmer in our CNC department. CNC Programmer must create machine code (programs) and work instructions for operators to setup and run NC controlled machinery. The Programmer must be well versed in metal cutting mechanics and must prove out his programs on the machine tool.




1. It is the responsibility of the CNC Programmer to establish and maintain programs, setups, documentation and operating procedures for machine tools in the CNC department.

1.1 Must create geometry, tool paths, and prove out programs on the machine tool.

2. Must ensure machining activities in the CNC department result in products conforming to all customer specific requirements outlined in drawings, travelers, and any other sub-tier work instructions issued.

3. Must ensure programs are created to maximize machining efficiency through optimal tool selection, tool path selection, work holding selection, cutting parameters (speed and feed rates), and any other factors affecting the efficiency of the metal removal process.

4. Must ensure that all CNC programs are accompanied by appropriate work instructions, tool lists, and setup documentation to guide setup and operation of the machines with the primary objective of minimizing machine downtime without affecting product quality and worker safety.

5. Must ensure all tools and work holding devices are appropriately labeled for identification and must ensure they are stored in a safe and orderly fashion for quick retrieval.

6. Must ensure all soft data including programs and setup documentation are safely stored in an organized fashion on the Company

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