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Noritake VFD display preview library

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Been a while, but getting a free VFD display from Noritake got me started back on a little project.


After entering a Contest last year "what would you do with Noritake VFD" I got notice a few weeks ago I won a free display kit.


The kit came with a VFD display 144x16 dots serial only, CD with Code examples. 6 pin header not soldered in.


Using code from my 74HC595 project as a base I added to the program code to work like a SPI interface for the display.

Note the support of the SPI interface for the display was not listed on the starter sheet they sent, but in the PDF file on the CD.

It required I solder an extra pin in for the CS making it seven pins wide.


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Sweet. Do you have a link to the contest for the Blog. I cannot find it anywhere. Looks like a good sized VFD. They are known for their contrast ratios.

Is the flicker because of youtube/framerate or can you see it?


The Contest was last year around November, took about 4 months to get the prize. I looked for the link I had, seems to be gone now. The frame rate makes the flicker worst, not as bad watching it with your eye.

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