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Launchpad G2231 ADC10 multi-input

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I am quit new to Launchpad and have a few question about config for analog multi-input.

Have found a prog and done a few changes. Want it to read from: p1.7,5,4,3 Is the following correct?


ADC0CTL1=INCH_7; ADC start from p1.7 (highest no)

ADC0AE0=BIT7 + BIT5 + BIT4 + BIT3; enable analog input on 7, 5,4,3 Can one jump over a port or must they be in order?

ADC10tc1 = No of inputs?

ADC10SA = pointer to a tabel that get the values. Entry 0 has the value from 7.


The prog has this in the starting part: P1SEL |= BIT5; Is this correct or is it used only for singel analog input?

If I remove the jumper from the 2 led, can I then use the port P1.6, P1.0 as ADC input ?

Can I use p1.3 if I do not use the switch?


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