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Frequency Counter using Launchpad & Nokia 5110 LCD

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oPossum in your second video you tested your Frequency Counter to 22MHz. I don't have FreqGen, so can you test what is maximum input frequency (overclock, I know that DS says 16MHz) that you can achieve? What is max input frequency if you use /8 prescaler in TimerA?

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In trying oPossum's code, I noticed something pretty strange:


- The display still works fine with its VCC pin disconnected

- The display still works fine with its GND pin disconnected

- With both VCC and GND disconnected, the display still works, but the contrast is not as good.


My hookup is the same as in oPossum's diagram, except that I pull RST directly to VCC and SCE to GND.


The other pins are somehow supplying power to the display. Weird.

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Hi, busy making a counter myself using an Stellaris and a 74HC573.

I then notice this project.

A question, independing of the mcu type, are you playing with a circuit to put in front of the counter input to play it save with voltages from 3,3 till 24V. Like cmos and TTL niveaus and sinus waves? Like to have the brownout zeners to protect the input gates. Any suggestions?


Thank you very much.

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