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Shipping a small Electronic project

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My answer for overweight (for First Class) items.

Media Mail

Include a quiz/test with the MCU and mail it.


Printed objective test materials and their accessories used by or on behalf of educational institutions to test ability, aptitude, achievement, interests, and other mental and personal qualities with or without answers, test scores, or identifying information recorded thereon in writing or by mark.


or just use Priority Mail Flat Rate.

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Bare minimum, you need to know the boxed weight and size of the package.


For 1st class package, it would need to be only 6oz boxed to be under 2.50.

Media mail with the Test advice, well, that's iffy. First, the test would have to be a bunch of true/false (no open ended) questions, and the list of accessories as per a usps customer support ruling is things like instruction sheets, key guides, and pencils. A build project might not qualify. Maybe a bare pcb would.

If anything, as a one time thing, you could risk it. No insurance, media mail is parcel mail and can take a while to get there, and if inspected (1 in 4 chance for media mail) they could either return it or make the recipient pay the difference (priority mail rate).


Honestly, media mail should really be left alone.

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