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Product Design and Management

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I'm learning some new skills at my new job and I thought I'd share what I can with you.


This morning, I found these three documents that I think you all should read. They are all written by Martin Cagan of the Silicon Valley Product Group:

  • 1.
How To Write a Good PRD
2. Behind Every Great Product
3. The Top 12 Product Management Mistakes

I recommend downloading a copy for yourself just in case they disappear.


They are pure gold if your livelihood is developing new products.


Hopefully, your company's management team is open to these best practices.


Sorry if this looks like spam. It ain't. Sometimes you find articles that are just so valuable that you have to share them with everyone.

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Yeah, you're right. It is a dry topic.


But this is the best presentation of the topic I have ever seen.


The company I work for is presently going through the initial stages of adopting this method of "doing things right". So this document is timely and welcomed.

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I only read the first two pages of the PRD doc so far. Seems to be a very easy to read paper on a very dry and tedious (for me :D ) topic. Downloaded to Kindle for some bedtime reading ;)





my kindle is busy with the wheel of time.

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