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How many Development kits do you have?

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* two CY8CKIT-050 (PSoC5 DevKit)

* a CY8CKIT-001 (PSOC5/3/1 DevKit)

* STM32F4 discovery kit

* STM32LVDiscovery kit

* EK-LM3S8962 (CAN+Ethernet)

* a ezChronos watch

* some LaunchPads

* ChipKit32 Max

* EFM32 gecko STK

* EZ430-F2013

* F28069 Piccolo controlSTICK

* a mbed

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@hlipka... Would you prefer the cloud computing for mbed or one on your desktop.

It's a difficult question. I really liked the quick startup of the cloud solution - it took about 30 seconds to get every thing up and running. And I still like it when just doing a quick experiment or test. But when you build a more complex software, maybe build of multiple modules, having more control is really fine. Fortunately they now support downloading all your stuff to your machine, so I can build with CodeSourcery. best of both worlds :)

(and they now also support version control in the cloud, which makes many things easier).

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I used to have:

  • 5 MSP430 Launchpads
    1 Capacitive sense booster pack
    2 Ez430 USB Development sticks
    1 renesas v850 starter kit
    1 Chronos Watch
    1 LPC Expresso
    2 Parallax Propeller Dev kits
    1 PICAXE Dev kit
    1 Arduino-like dev kit
    1 LCD from 4D systems
    I might of had the STM32 Discovery...


The above items are gone now, but thanks to this wonderful community, You got me back on my feet within days. And i still can't thank you enough.


  • 5 Launchpads
    1 Capacitive sense booster pack
    1 Ez430 USB Stick
    1 Freescale sensor kit
    1 STM32 Discovery
    1 MAXADClite
    1 MSP430F5510STK, OLIMEXINO-5510, and OLIMEXINO-STM32 - Olimex work.

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  • 8 months later...

my current toys:


1 broken Launchpad v1.4

3 Launchpad v1.5

2 Stellaris Launchpad

2 free Ez430 USB Stick

1 MSP430-T5510


1 Arduino Duemilanove

1 Mega328 Header Kit

1 Sanguino


I'm quite exited about finally getting my Raspberry Pi:

Am 20.11.2012 09:42, schrieb RaspberryPi:

logo.gif Your Raspberry Pi Order 1010157153 has been Dispatched

This is an Automated Email, Please do not Reply


Your Raspberry Pi order was despatched today.


If you ordered a Raspberry Pi board as part of your order we are pleased to inform you that we have sent you the upgraded 512MB Revision 2 board to thank you for your continued patience.


We hope this upgrade is acceptable to you.




If you have any questions please email: RaspberryPi@rswww.com


Expected Delivery by Mail within:

5 Working Days for European destinations.

21 Working Days for Countries Outside of Europe.


Thank you for your Order




RS Components & Allied Electronics.

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* Arduino Mega ADK

* Bobuino ATmega1284P original (loaded with peripherals, SD card, RTC, RS232 level shifter, etc)

* 2x Bobuino Duemilanove-style DIY-solder ATmega1284P board

* 3x TI LaunchPads (one in permanent service as a base station for my Grill Monitor)

* Fraunchpad

* Stellaris LaunchPad

* Renesas RX demo board (YRDKRX62N)

* An old Basic Stamp at the bottom of my parts bin that I never touch


Also for tools... Olimex AVR-ISP500 programmer, FTDI cable 5V and 3V3 (permanently attached to Grill Monitor base station), recent addition MSP-FET430UIF now running V3 firmware.

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I have two Launchpads, one BBB (Arduino cloneish), three RBBBs (smaller of the same), a Diovolino (only Arduino clone I have that accepts shields) two self-made Atmel Attiny85(and other 8DIP) dev boards, a basic-II stamp, a propellor (in Arduinoish shape), and a Raspberry.

Mostly I use the Attiny boards for anything involving PWM as they have a very nice timer and can cough up 40ma/pin. Non-PWM stuff or early debugging I use one (or more) of the Arduino clones for the serial out (no uart on the attiny85).

For more "fun" oriented stuff I use the Launchpad, it has some features that the Atmel chips lack that I really like. On the other hand, 6ma isn't much compared to 40! Overall I think it's my favorite, largely due to the built in buttons and sense-making pin assignments.


The Propellor, basic stamp and Raspberry I haven't done much with.

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2 Stellaris LP's (2 more on the way)

8 or so LP's - although several are in various projects/toys around the house

Freetronics LeoStick - only played with that one a bit - but it's pretty slick - RGB on board, piezo, etc.

Renesas kits (A couple of the smaller ones and one of the big RX boards)

STM32 - not sure which - one of their free boards


All of the TI kits were purchased, the others were free.

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