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How many Development kits do you have?

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I have:

1. Launchpad

2. EZ430-RF2500

3. CBC-EVAL-08 EnerChip EH Solar Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit

4. TI C2000 Concerto

5. TI TMS320F28335 daughtercard

6. TI Picollo USB kit

7. STM32F4 Cortex Discovery Kit

8. LM3S3768 CAN bus kit(helped me rev enginner my Mazda3 OBD command set)


What do you guys have?

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TI stuff...

  • [*:1nue96lf]MSP-EXP430G2 (Launchpad)
    [*:1nue96lf]EZ430-RF2500T (extra target boards)
    [*:1nue96lf]EZ430-T2012 (2012 target boards for EZ430-F2013 dongle)
    [*:1nue96lf]TMDX28069USB (Piccolo controlSTICK)


  • [*:1nue96lf]430BOOST-SENSE1
    [*:1nue96lf]My LCD booster
    [*:1nue96lf]voodoofish's IO booster
    [*:1nue96lf]gordon's IR booster

Non TI stuff...

  • [*:1nue96lf]STM32F4DISCOVERY
    [*:1nue96lf]LSDEV-ZP01-A10 (LS Research ProFLEX 2.4GHz Dev Kit)
    [*:1nue96lf]My MSP430F5529 Dev board (2 Rev1 1 Rev2)
    [*:1nue96lf]Raspberri Pi [on order]


That's all I can think of off the top of my head... I've got an arduino board that I have yet to put together, not really counting that since all I have is the board, hehe.

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Aaaand how many of those you haven't even unwrapped...? :mrgreen:

:think: Most of them. The old dilemma: You have either time or money, never both at once.






USBNoobie (3)


leaf maple

Chipkit Uno

Chipkit MAX




STM8L Discovery

STM8S Discovey (2)

STM32L Discovery

STM32VL Discovery (3)

STM32F4 Discovery (3)

STM32F0 Discovery (2)

STM32F3 Discovery (2)

iFlat32 (2)




USB Bitwhacker

USB32 Bitwhacker



Web platform


PIC USB 4550

PIC18 board China




Launchpad (4)

Fraunchpad (2)

Chronos 433

F149 board Itead (2)

F449 China


MOD Pulse



100 Pin ZIF target board with 2 msp430F5xx (ebay 40

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Launchpad, Fraunchpad, some low cost STM32 kit they were giving away at Embedded World last year and some BeagleBoards ... oh yeah, and a D-Link DIR-300, still wrapped, which is supposed to be my uClinux playground.


BeagleBone looks really tempting, although it has no NAND, but I just don't have the time. And the Raspberry Pi, of course! But most of all, I want a PandaBoard ... and the time to play with it :D




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