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MSP430 PC GUI Eval Tool

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Hey all,


I was working on a GUI that would be able to control any and all functions on a particular MSP430 processor from a PC GUI. Only limitations a course would be P1.1 and P1.2 which are required for GUI communication. This is very very very much so a work in progress. Currently i'm writing it using WX Widgets libraries to simplify the GUI aspect of it. However, currently i'm not using a "form builder" so it is going to take a handy amount of time to write. Good c++ experience though....


This GUI would be very handy to have from a hardware/software test debug standpoint. For example, say I wanted to test out some SPI sensor I purchased, I could use a GUI such as this to send custom SPI packets to the device i'm testing and read/observe results live. That as opposed to having to write a micro.c file to do the communication and re write it every time something doesn't work.


Many thanks to rick and suggaraddict for assistance on c++ coding help


GUI Download Rev 0.5 : https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Ev ... I_EVAL.exe (windows.exe, click "view raw" to download)

(feedback on whether or not it works for you would be great. Gaurenteed to work with a FTDI RS232 -> USB. However, launchpad drivers suppperr flakey and crapey )


Remember to flash https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Ev ... er/GUI.cpp to your MSP430G2553


Source Code is now at https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Eval-Tool


(your going to need to download and BUILD the wx libraries to get this to work)


Main Connect tab: Implemented




Digital Output tab: Implemented




Digital Input tab: Implemented




SPI Tab: Implemented but not fully tested




Analog Input tab: In Progress


Connection Issue Debug

1. Make sure you got a Rev1.5 launchpad with a G2553 micro flashed with the proper code provided. Also, makesure your jumpers are set to hardware uart.


2. If that doesn't work... sadly, the TI RS232 <-> USB sucks hardcore compared to FTDI that always works. Once a connection is established, it works fine. However, getting that first connection can be a super pain. If your having connection issues, open up a terminal program(such as putty), connect to the com port of your msp430, and press the "1" key and ONLY the 1 key. If your msp430 is working properly you should receive "PING" back. At that point, close the terminal program and open up my .exe program. At that point, it should connect fine.

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Hey all,   I was working on a GUI that would be able to control any and all functions on a particular MSP430 processor from a PC GUI. Only limitations a course would be P1.1 and P1.2 which are requ

Sooo, I was bored today(and a little bit hungover)... so I was looking for something to do and remembered this:   And I thought: Why not... shouldn't be that hard.   GUI.cpp // Nathan Zimmerma

Rev 0.4 Released with digital input tab implemented.   Windows .exe download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lmgc9g6k7dhs68d   Source code now at https://github.com/NateZimmer/MSP430-Eval-Tool  

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Added a download like for the .exe of the device. Should just have to type the COM port in and hit connect. If it doesn't connect, try closing the app and replugging in the launchpad usb cable. The serial to USB drivers on the launchpad tend to give me hell. With an FTDI chip I can guarantee it will always work... Also make sure your launchpad is set for hardware uart from P1.1 and P1.2.


Please, pretty please with sugar on top, factor out the platform-specific code (serial stuff) so we can port it to other platforms more easily.


Was originally trying to use boost asio for serial... I believe thats cross platform. However, been having issues compiling anything with it. Perhaps i'll give it another go.



If anyones up for it i'd always welcome help on this project :)

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Wow Nate! I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but haven't had the knowledge&experience or a real need to do so. (until now, have been having trouble with some SPI chips, thought it funny that you would mention that right now)

I might be able to help...

What do you mean by "wx"?

Keep up the good work!


Nathan Spinuzzi


EDIT: HAHAHA!! I tried to click on a tab on one of your pics!

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