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Hi. I've added the msp430f5438a as an option, but don't have the chip so can't test it. Is this a test board like Launchpad and I can try to get hold of it? Anyway, if you have the chip, you can try. It compiles without problem, so hopefully it works for you. Let me know.


There is no code size restriction, but if it is a large project, it may be easier having your own IDE and debug environment on the PC. Inventortown is best for quite simple projects.


It might be easier using github in combination with inventortown if it's a very large project. Keep the project in a single directory and remember that there are some minor differences between IAR and mspgcc (for example in defining interrrupts). Then push it to github and pull it into inventortown. I might update the github feature with more features if it gets used. Maybe also make a function that just checks out a github project, compiles it and gives you the binary without the need for a project.

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If the stack is made for IAR, you'll have trouble running it on inventortown, as inventortown is MSPGCC. Also, since I've restricted it to have all files in a single directory, this'll may cause problems for you, as there may be relative references to include files etc.


Edit: Hmm... nice board.

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