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Adding Ethernet (Suggestions wanted)

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I'm working on project which requires Ethernet integration, specifically and limited to making HTTP get requests. Right now I have a working prototype using Lantronix xPort, however the per unit cost is well above the rest of the components combined.


Anyone have any suggestions for a integrated ethernet adaptor/ interface that can be controlled via UART and is cheap?



Many thanks



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When you need Ethernet on a MCU, it might be a good idea to use a MCU with Ethernet capabilities... like the Stellaris 6000 series. They are not much more expensive than a big VL MSP430 and an enc28j60, and you have everything in a single chip, as well as many, many example applications including tcp/ip stacks.




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Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I thought it would be a simple matter to stitch on a ethernet chip as it is pretty standard fare, but I suppose not.


I think I'll just hold out on the xPort- I just need ethernet for a final year project and one off production costs aren't too bad



Thanks again



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