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6-pin isometric joystick

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Hi all,

While dismantling an old toshiba tecra laptop, I came across a 6-pin isometric joystick in the keyboard. Thinking it would be fun to use with an mcu, I looked it up online to see what the hobbyist community was doing with them. Nothing. :problem: I couldn't even find a site describing how the sensed pressure is translated to electrical signals...


So, do you have any clue? Are two pins for vcc and gnd, with the remaining four leading to the respective sides of the device?


(I can't post a pic at the moment because I misplaced my camera usb cord.)

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I didn't find anything along those lines that looked like what I have. It's definitely not a trackpad, or a psp joystick.

The ones I found for psp joystick were all 4-pin devices...

It looks something like this:


but with six tracks in the ribbon, and a square head.

This laptop is the same model as the one I got the part from: s_p_14123_1__02772_zoom.jpg

From what I've read, the joystick senses force exerted upon it.

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Okay, I found this


which got me to scrape the rubber coating off the base of my joystick, and mine looks like a half-as-tall version of it.

I'm thinking this thing has each pair of sensors connected with a common, which would explain why it has six pins.

Next up: find out which pins connect to which, and dive into the ADC! (I think)

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