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Buy my Car! 1972 Plymouth Duster

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I've been trying to sell this car for about 2 years now. Since the economy tanked and fuel is expensive nobody is interested in a 500+hp, big-block powered, 8mpg on the highway, no air conditioning, no radio, highway stomping, gas guzzling monster. Yes, that's right this is car is a beast. It's a manually shifted automatic so no sissies are allowed to drive it. ( yes, that means no clutch but you don't have a D either ). It will blow the doors off of a Z06 unless there is a turn on the race track. :)



It's sitting at the Texas Toy Box to get more exposure. Only $14,500!



-440 RB bored .040 over (about 12k miles on the engine)

-Torqueflite 727 HD with Cheetah forward pattern shifter

-742 differential 4.30 gears

-BG Mighty Demon 750

-MSD 6A Ignition

-Hooker Fenderwell exit headers

-Flowmaster 50 "mufflers"

-Hurst quarterstick shifter

-Redline Carbon Dash with Proline gauges

-20 gallon fuel cell

-battery in trunk

-headlights re-wired 'Mad Electrical' Style with relays for constant bright beams

-'73 big ball joint front brake conversion with line lock

-1-1/4" torsion bars in front and 1" drop blocks in rear

-17x8 cragar soft 8 front wheels, rear are 17x9. kuhmo tires





BTW, the insurance on this car is CHEAP! The VIN callback reports a straight 6 not the 440 v-8.

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Yeah, there's no LPM3 on this thing. I had planned to one day go with a fuel injection system but really just lost interest in the car. My goal was to have a badA** street machine. Now I want to build something else but gotta sell this thing first. Up next... maybe a Monster Miata or a Supracharged 4Runner?

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Beautiful, if I win the lottery I'll give you a even 20k. My old ride was a 70 Cuda .030 over 383 11.90 1/4 170 mph top speed.


But I'm with you, at 3.90+ for good fuel to run on it's presently out of my budget. Long live MOPAR :twisted:

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I shared this post with a local buddy who is a Mopar fanatic. He has a 340 Demon in his garage right now.


Maybe he'll find someone interested.

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