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A bragging Dad of a future Geek

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[speaking of rain...] How cold has your winter been? Over here in east TX (don't worry, my family moved from the D/FW area) we have hardly had a winter at all, just lots of rain and a couple frosts. I guess to make up for all the rain we didn't get last year...

So many clouds that it was useless to even try to use the 4-inch magnifying glass I got from a projection TV... :lol:


It's so wet here that our hill is still draining...


PS: Have you ever seen a fist-sized ball of fire-ants floating on a pond? [/speaking of rain...]

Hmmmm.... floating ant pile, huh? If I'd seen that i'd squirt a little dish soap on 'em! he he he

Most of the neighbors' tanks have been overflowing the last month or so. A few nights here and

there have gotten below freezing. Right now the sky's clear and temp's are pushing 70

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Very noble endeavor GW,


Congrats to both of you. I am not sure it is so bad to learn so young the challenge of science and the potential for failure. She is ahead of the game, albeit I am sure it cost you all some serious tears. I think it is great you are able to actively share in her learning process. In my mind, instilling a confidence at a young age is the challenge of being a parent. Knowing she can do anything she wants to do, to not expect immediate success, and break free of peer negativity will ensure her happiness in the years to come. I am hoping for similar experiences as I raise my little clones.... Today the younger daughter made some kind of uncanny reference to robot snowflakes (we had some serious flakes yesterday ~3-6"), as she toyed with plastic stuff. In my mind that meant "nano-flakes", a pretty reasonable concept in the future.......

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Thanks everyone for the support and good words. She's definitely on her way to being a scientist. Yesterday, she won 2nd place for 3rd grade girls at the regional science fair!! She was super excited about winning. I offered to take her out for a special treat and all she wanted was a cup of Dirt 'n' Worms from Freddy's Custard shop. haha!


@kenemon, get her started building those nano-flakes!

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maybe mirrors instead of lenses? a well focused lens would likely shatter a solar cell (will test next time it's sunny)


* <-sun


\_/<- mirror


solar cell


anyway, congrats!


current rant follows

formerly a S-fair judge at the school-level, I can vouch on how very much of a diff it makes for a kiddo to have the support of their parents.

Felt very, very sorry for those who obviously did all they humanly could by their very selves, but couldn't beat great lab-notes + extra-curriculars and such, and maybe especially the chance to try and err - and report and learn from that. VERY hard if the kid has to figure out by himself how to go about things.

the best projects were still 100% a kid's work - yet it does show (what a surprise!) that context - and primarily, parental support, makes for better quality education

I personally have the highest appreciation for projects that "didn't work". Best to y'all in next round

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