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A bragging Dad of a future Geek

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Just wanted to let you guys know that my daughter took 1st place for the 3rd grade at her school's science fair. She's going to the regional event on March 29th. We're pretty excited. Now she's pretty sure she wants to be rich and a scientist. haha


Her project was (and this was totally her idea) to test magnifying glasses on solar panels to see if she could make more power. I taught her how to solder and use wikipedia. She did all of her wire stripping, soldering, data collecting and graphs. Together, we built 2 Solar FLED engines so she could have a working display.


Unfortunately, her hypothesis didn't work out for her but mostly due to the experimentation. Using the magnifying glasses, in her experiments, made less power. I didn't want to crash her brain too much so we didn't get into focal lengths of the lenses as this was more about her experiment being done her way.


Now, we've got some time to work on her robot again. :)

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I learned about focal length one hot, summer day.


I used that knowledge to etch my name in my leather baseball glove and in the few dozen smoldering carcasses of any poor ants that came near my beam of death!


Focal length is awesome!



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Haha, yep. Magnifying glasses are still one of my favorite toys tools.


Unfortunately, here in TX, we have burn bans all the time here so I don't really want her

playing like that in the backyard. One little oops...

Bring her up here, north of Dallas especially near Lake Texoma, as we've had plenty of rain of late,

the ground's fairly wet, and we don't have a burn ban in place... until summer, probably. :-)

I'll dig out my 14" Fresnel lense and we can really get cooking!



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[speaking of rain...] How cold has your winter been? Over here in east TX (don't worry, my family moved from the D/FW area) we have hardly had a winter at all, just lots of rain and a couple frosts. I guess to make up for all the rain we didn't get last year...

So many clouds that it was useless to even try to use the 4-inch magnifying glass I got from a projection TV... :lol:


It's so wet here that our hill is still draining...


PS: Have you ever seen a fist-sized ball of fire-ants floating on a pond? [/speaking of rain...]

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Oh man, my Dad used to take me fishing at Lake Texoma. We'll definitely need to head up that way this summer.

Well, just gimme a holler. There's a little fishing pier on the Texas side, in Eisenhower State Park, that the wife

likes to fish from. It's lighted so you don't have to pack up at sunset. And you don't need a license to fish in a

Texas state park!



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