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Noise pick up and controller

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for our project msp430g2211 controller is used.. in that noise is picked up in input to the comparator... for that we used capacitor across the controller port pin with respect to ground... noise is arrested.....


but putting of capacitor to the port pin takes high current at initial state.. is it really?


then how to arrest noise ..,please give solution......


and also i have one more doubt.. noise is highly pick-up in the our transistor amplifier stage ... what are the remedies to take care to prevent the noise....

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You have to either know

1. what the spectrum of the noise is or

2. what the spectrum of your desired signal is.


Do you know this or can you figure it out?


Once you know either of those then you can create a L/C/R filter using to shunt it to ground. Either a high, low, bandpass or band-notch filter.


The best approach is to scope out the signal + noise and determine the answer to the above two questions.


The capacitor alone will experience current inrush at power up. Limit that with a resistor. But you shouldn't be putting only a capacitor on the input to a comparator unless you want to cause oscillations. It's best to create an L/C/R filter at that input.


Does this help?

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