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Github clone support

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I've now added support for cloning a github project into your Inventortown project. Basically:


1. Create a new empty project on inventortown

2. Click the 'git clone' on the left

3. Enter the readonly address for the github project you want to clone. For example git://github.com/mobilars/LarsRF-mspgcc.git

4. If your project had multiple main-files, you have to delete the ones you don't want (the example has several files with main in them).

5. If your project had a directory structure, you may have to change the relative include files. The above function copies ALL the .h and .c files into a single directory, so you have to change files because of this.

6. Click compile...


It's a very untested function. Please report here if it works or doesn't work for you. Ideas about how to fix the link-issue are very welcome.

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