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Etch A Sketch

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This is an LCD version of an Etch-A-Sketch. Made this for my daughter's 5th birthday.


LCD is a 128*128 Powertip T6963c LCD

5v for the LCD and LP is supplied by a 5v cell phone backup

2x 100k linear pots used for control

Negative contrast (-13v) is currently supplied by two 9v batteries - I'll be making one with a MC34063 later

The shake detection was salvaged from a toy - no idea where to get them (I need to turn down the number of shakes needed)

I used an old Floppy Drive cable to connect the LCD to an LP booster made on perfboard


Many thanks to RobG for his assistance (see here for more information)



Source is attached. This used every pin on the 2553, including XIN/XOUT. I have another of these for another project - I'll need to add an I/O expander to reduce the pin count.


I'll post some pictures of the inside later


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