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Announcing C2KCentral - TI C2000 Community Forums

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I'm happy to announce the opening of C2KCentral[C2KC] - a forum for discussing everything about the TI C2000 series including the big honking beast - Concerto.


The Forum is still in its infant stages and there is work to be done. I welcome you to join and browse around so that it gains traction. TI also has something interesting coming up for hobbiests according to this post.


For those who do not know, the C2000 is a very capable chip for real time applications from robotics to signal processing. It has a rich PWM capability which is used heavily in inverter and motor control applications. Building an e-bike? The C2000 fits perfectly.


Hope you like it and any suggestions and criticisms are welcome. 43oh and C2KCentral will now be sister sites :)

Thanks for making 43oh a great community and wish C2KC becomes one too.

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Is the C2KCentral website dead?


It displays nothing but


This domain may be for sale. Backorder this Domain

This Domain Name Has Expired - Renewal Instructions.


Hi Rei,

Yes, it is down. See the following thread:


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