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MIDI Booster Pack

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OK, so you have the latest board (schematic above.)   You only need one opto, 6N or HCPL. Since HCPLs (SOIC) are hard to get, you have the option to use 6N (DIP and MDIP.) If you get DIP, you have

I just opened a thread on Stelarisiti for this boosterpack. Check it out here.   Thanks again Rob for this wonderful boostepack

New version, available in few days.   MIDI In MIDI Out 2ch DAC (no output filter) Memory 2 potentiometers and a switch (with RC debouncer) Partially assembled (MIDI parts only)  

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I got one in the Tindie store (I see they are all sold out now) and ported my Arduino code over using Energia. The MIDI library for Arduino, version 3.2, http://arduinomidilib.sourceforge.net/ works with no changes!

I have a Rockband controller keyboard with a MIDI out, but it only transmits on channel 1. So I wrote the code to have the MSP430+MIDI breakout translate to whatever channel I want, by pressing S2 for channel UP and S1 for channel DOWN. The pots seem to be pretty noisy but I use one of them as a volume knob anyway.

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We are a group of electrical engineering students experimenting with MIDI communication involving the MSP430G2553. We hope to be able to make a simple MIDI Controller using your MIDI Booster Pack. Currently, we are attempting to understand the UART TX stage of this project. We're compiling our code in TI's CCS software. As of now, we have our ADC10 code working and are able to read ADC values from a potentiometer, but we are confused on how to transmit a MIDI signal via UART. To be specific, we think we know how to initialize the UART registers for proper communication, but we're stuck on how to exactly move our ADC10 signal with the MIDI protocol through UART to the MIDI Shield.

We were hoping that you could either point us in the correct direction to build code or provide an example skeleton code for a simple MIDI controller.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.


-Nick, Nic, and Chris

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If you are doing electronics studies, you'd better make your own, the schematic (which is really really simple) is linked to from the tindie store.

Also note that the boosterpack sports both midi in and midi out, if you need only one of those, you can skip half the schematic.

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the schematic is linked to from the tindie store.


And it links to this thread!


And the schematic is capable of improvement: the output connector's pin 2 must be grounded; the unused inverters' inputs must not float; the optocoupler needs a resistor of about 10 k? between pins 5 and 7; and it needs a decoupling capacitor between pins 5 and 8.

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This seems to be an older thread but I'm stoked to find it! Is there any way to still buy the booster pack or do I need to make my own? The tindie store says there's a waiting list but this project is due at the end of the semester. 


Sorry I missed your post (I was on vacation.) I will have new version available soon, but I should have one kit left if you need it right away.

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