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MIDI Booster Pack

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OK, so you have the latest board (schematic above.)   You only need one opto, 6N or HCPL. Since HCPLs (SOIC) are hard to get, you have the option to use 6N (DIP and MDIP.) If you get DIP, you have

I just opened a thread on Stelarisiti for this boosterpack. Check it out here.   Thanks again Rob for this wonderful boostepack

New version, available in few days.   MIDI In MIDI Out 2ch DAC (no output filter) Memory 2 potentiometers and a switch (with RC debouncer) Partially assembled (MIDI parts only)  

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Do you have a BOM with specific vendors and part numbers so we can be sure the components will fit the PCB? (really just the DIN-5 and switches - everything else is common).


Just to be clear - I have the version of the board with 5 switches S1 to S5.

Is there a separate download link for the schematic and BOM for this PCB?

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