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Color LCD Booster Pack

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After making my N6100 Color LCD Booster Pack, I thought that it would be better if I made it more universal by supporting different displays. So here's my v2 board, which now supports JD-T1800 display.


Supported displays:

JD-T1800 1.8" Color TFT display, 160x128, ST7735R driver (~$6.50 on eBay, $9.95 Adafruit.)

Nokia 6110, 1.8" Color CSTN display, 128x128

Other Nokia LCD that will work with this board (need to verify):



I believe those will work too: 3200/6610/7210/7250



Works with USI and USCI

2 buttons and 2 LEDs (20pin MCUs only)

JD-T1800 can be mounted in 2 positions (one will cover switches, the other will make LCD extend beyond the board.)

Place for 2 memory chips (SRAM or EEPROM,) one with HOLD.

Charge pump to power N6100 backlight (7660 compatible or TPS60403)


Are there any other 3.3V (or 5V) SPI displays I should consider?

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@Kabron  First of all, welcome to the forum.,   Based on your posts thus far, it appears that you may not fully understand what this board/community is all about. It is a forum for sharing experienc

Here's some basic JD-T1800 code for testing purposes...   ...and a short video     main.c #include #include "ST7735.h" #define JDT1800_WIDTH 128 #define JDT1800_HEIGHT 160 #define JD

First try, we've got color! Well, it's all gibberish now, but it's a start. ST7735's documentation has 167 pages   The display below is 1.8" TFT 128 x 160, JD-T1800  

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The minimum required to get JD-T1800 display to work is:

PCB - not sure how much b# will charge but I am guessing $5.

Display - $6.50 on eBay

Headers - $0.15

47k 0805 resistor and 1n 0805 capacitor

0ohm 0805 resistor (soldering pads will work just fine)


Optional things:

2 tactile switches

2 0805 LEDs with 2 resistors ~200ohm

SPI memory with 100nF 0805 capacitor

SD card holder


For Nokia displays you will need:

TPS60403 charge pump with 3 0805 1uF ceramic capacitors - ~$1.00

10 pin or 22 pin socket - ~$0.60-$2.00

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