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Do you want to program an MCU in my house?

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Some people at Hackaday were disappointed because I didn't allow them to actually program an MSP430 that was connected to my server. The point of Inventortown is to program your own MCUs, but I've implemented a feature now that allows you to program one of mine also. There are two LEDs and a servo. The first servo broke, so we'll see how long this one lasts. Here's a static picture of it, but on http://www.inventortown.com you can see a webcam of it (you need to log in and click on 'webcam').




This board has a servo connected to P1.0 and two eye-LEDs connecte at P1.4 and P1.5. If you have suggestions to the hardware that should be connected, let me know. I might connect more stuff to it later. Bluehash suggested I could connect a button so that the arm could click on a button. I've also been thinking about maybe connecting a button to the web page, so you can actually 'press' a button on the web-page and this sends a signal to one of the pins of the MSP430.

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Yes, I should add some more... will do (but maybe have to wait until after the baby has arrived :D ) I think for some real action, I've got to add more LEDs and another servo perhaps... I've been building a programmable tank to put here also, but it's not quite ready. So the snow man is temporary...

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