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So Olimex is doing a arduino style F5510 development board mainly for use with EasyMSP. I'm requesting feedback from the Community. Ideas? Comments?



Enhanced CPUX.

Large amount of flash and ram for programs. (32KB FLASH / 6KB RAM)

USB Bootloading + Spy-bi wire JTAG.

... and more.






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Thanks for posting the schematic, this was the only place on the web I could find it.


The built-in LIPO charger is useful to power the OLIMEXINO-5510 itself. However, when powered by the battery only the 3.3V rail to the shield is powered. i.e. when using a shield which uses the +5V rail the USB will be needed to power the OLIMEXINO-5510 + shield.


Could the design be changed to generate the shield +5V rail from a DC-DC step-up from the battery, similar to as done on the sparkfun ProtoBoard - Diprotodon?


(I was looking at adding a MP3 shield based upon the VS1053b and the only ones I found are powered from the +5V rail, so with the existing OLIMEXINO-5510 can't use when powered from the battery)

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Hearing about these for the first time... Is Olimex still pursuing this? All I could find was a blog post from February stating that there are some prototypes and the boards should be ready for purchase by March... which they aren't, unless you count an eBay listing from the UK.


If not, does anyone know about another cheap F5510 breakout board? The Olimex F5510 Starter isn't too expensive, but with LCD etc. I'm sure it should be possible to shave a couple of bucks of the price if there are only power supply, oscillator and USB connector.




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unless you count an eBay listing from the UK.
Assume you mean olimexery, which seems to be a UK distributer for OLIMEX. Got one from them.


It is a Rev B, whereas the schematic and layout on this thread are Rev A. Comparing the actual Rev B against the Rev A layout the only apparent differences are in the silkscreen, so the Rev A schematics should still be valid.


Haven't been able to use it yet, since when using Code Composer Studio 5, the OLIMEX MSP430-JTAG-TINY can't communicate with the OLIMEXINO-5510 (or with any other board which only has a SBW connection).

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Long time, no post!

I've found a little spare time to play with the F5510 Olimexino. It was pretty much impossible to get the USB BSL working (I'm a Mac user :) ), but I could use a Launchpad to program it through SBW.


The board is tiny, feature-packed, and a pretty good deal IMHO. USB is definitely a selling point. Besides, for some, Arduino shield pin-compatibility is a plus. Olimex's UEXT port is also useful. With a bit of pin hacking I got one of these 8-digit displays from DealExtreme (http://dx.com/p/81873/) working directly off the UEXT connector, pin compatible.


For me it was also a pretty good deal, since snail mail in Chile is sloooow and unreliable; having these available in a brick-and-mortar store is priceless.

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