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Compiler updated to gcc version 4.5.3

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I have now updated the Inventortown compiler to gcc version 4.5.3. This means that you can make projects for more microcontroller versions. Not all the supported ones are shown in the list, so if you have one you want me to include, post a message here.


GCC is installed according to these instructions: https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launch ... /README.md (thanks Sergio, I owe you a beer). The system is using Make at the moment, but I may change to rake instead as Sergio suggests.


Unfortunately you may need to change your code slightly to support the new GCC version.


1. You first have to re-select your micro-controller version in the project-settings, since the names have changed.


2. Your header files should now include instead of .


3. Your header files should not include to do interrupts any more. Instead you need to define your interrupts, for example like this (thanks to Sergio again):


#define interrupt(x) void __attribute__((interrupt (x)))

... later in the file ...

//Port 1 interrupt, which toggles the LEDs
interrupt(PORT1_VECTOR) PORT1_ISR() {




Sergio has some more example code here: https://github.com/sergiocampama/Launchpad/


These changes haven't been done yet in my code. I will migrate ASAP. Please report here if you have issues.

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