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Getting temp demo to run with rev 1.5 Launchpad?

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I just got a new rev 1.5 Launchpad board with the MSO430G2553IN20 and MSP430G2452IN20 chips and have the Code Composer Studio 5.1 installed.


I never did any programming on the MSP430 before (and it's been a while since I used C) and am having problems with the included temperature measurement demo.


I've set the project to work with the G2553 and changed the include file. Unfortunately, it seems that the G2553 only works with the version 4 of the compiler and with that version, I'm getting errors on lines which say

#pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR


#pragma vector=TIMERA1_VECTOR

in the area where ISRs for timers are written .


The errors say that the TIMERA0_VECTOR and TIMERA1_VECTOR are not defined. After doing some search, I've found some information claiming that in the version 4 of the compiler ISRs need to be defined differently.


Any ideas where I can get info about the changes I need to make?

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