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CC2500 Breakout/BoosterPack

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After going back and forth all weekend on what jumpers to include, here's the "final" design. The board includes: 1 Booster pack 2 G2xx3/CC2500 boards 2 breakout boards compatible with booster pac

Here's the tutorial  

Just a teaser  

Posted Images

25 of what?


MSP430G253IPW20R: $1.9429 @ 100

TPS77301: $1.39

25AA320A-I/SN-ND: $0.50 @ 100 (32k serial EEPROM)


The resistors/caps are minor (25 cents prolly? I get most of mine at 1 or 2 cents each, if that?)


So if you managed to get people to go for the full kit deal and make 100 qty, board price + ~$4. I think that's fairly cheap... and like I said in PM, I'll go in on some extra tssop G2553's if you are ordering them :) I'll even include some free beer for ya (though I would recommend tylenol or theraflu if you're sick...) I didn't count headers... I don't know about the rest of people, but I have tons of headers of my own already :D :D


I'm in on 6 at full kitting or board only either way. btw, please update the group buy post with everyone's qty request? :)

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Headers are not listed, but you basically need a single and a double row 0.1", M or F is up to you.

In addition, there are two 0.05" headers which are pretty much optional.

Also, if you use MHJ, you do not need PUR2 and vice versa.

If you do not need to use LDO, VJ doesn't have to be a resistor, soldering those 2 pads will work.


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I know it's late in the game, but someone has asked me before about making the booster pack smaller and I wanted to see how it would look like. Assuming this will be used with 2553 only, I removed config headers, shrunk it to a minimum, made 2553 board 0.1" shorter, and made breakout boards 0.1" longer. Below is the result. There's still 0.9" x 0.9" space left. Thoughts?



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