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CC2500 Breakout/BoosterPack

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After going back and forth all weekend on what jumpers to include, here's the "final" design. The board includes: 1 Booster pack 2 G2xx3/CC2500 boards 2 breakout boards compatible with booster pac

Here's the tutorial  

Just a teaser  

Posted Images

So let's do this, I will make a small batch first and test it (will need someone to help with tests) and if all is well, we can do large order. Another option is for someone to verify the design and order w/o test batch.


Who want's to be in charge of GB?


Just to give you an idea, here's the GB total estimate (S/H: Registered Air Parcel, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Expedited, DHL, EMS)

50 boards $45 ($0, $43, $34, $33, $23)

100 boards $80 ($0, $54, $51, $41, $29)

Red (or other) color +$10 (any qty)

Shipping/handling to individuals TBD

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This is what i can offer for Shipping:


1 - 3 Boards - $0.65 + $0.20

4 - 6 Boards - $0.85 + $ 0.20

7 - 10 Boards - $1.05 + $0.20

11 - 12 Boards - $1.25 + $0.20


The extra charge is for the cost of the envelope.


Prices assume 1.6mm boards with seeedstudio's weight for the PCBs and domestic mailing address.

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