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CC2500 Breakout/BoosterPack

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After going back and forth all weekend on what jumpers to include, here's the "final" design. The board includes: 1 Booster pack 2 G2xx3/CC2500 boards 2 breakout boards compatible with booster pac

Here's the tutorial  

Just a teaser  

Posted Images

Thanks all you guys for the quick designs.


I'd really like to know what the community needs. For me, I'd go for opossum's or SA's non-panalized version. Yes, it would drive costs up, but think of the cutting that I'll have to do or rather whoever buys it. I'd prefer not to deal with panel cutting. I do not have the right equipment.


I'd also like flexible I/O like both your designs have. Opossum, your first one was a nice board, you should try to have it made. I can help with logistics.



Whats supposed to be done with GDO2 and GDO0 ? And should pin 9 (xtal output) be used for ACLK? leave it floating?

Was this cleared out?


What are your requirements? I've already done this for the Mdfly version but it will be very easy to change the schematic for the other CC2500 radio.

A simple breakout.. preferably a BoosterPack.



Either SA's or Opossum's. Make sure it is 5cmx5cm to keep consistency with other BP's. Will radio position matter whether it is within the board area or the antenna poking out like opossum's.


SA, shouldn't you be buying a house?

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I like that layout MTG.. It fits with my style of prototyping (Im a hobbyist so breadboard all the way then Stripboard for something with a little more permanence). This would mean I wouldn't need a launchpad at either end.. Just a board, breakout+module, battery/LDO etc.


So thanks again.



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