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Welcome to the Inventortown online MSP430 forum

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This is the place where you can post comments, questions and feedback about the online MSP430 Launchpad editor on http://www.inventortown.com . This is a new service that allows you to edit source code online in a web browser, have the server compile it and then download the binary firmware to install onto your Launchpad device. It's not as feature rich as IAR, CCS or Eclipse with MSP plugins, but it's easy to set up and allows you to try out some projects. If you start doing lots of programming for the MSP430, you probably want one of the more advanced tools.


There is also a fun feature allowing you to upload your firmware onto my Launchpad device and view it on a webcam.


I really would appreciate feedback and comments on the service. If you have some projects that you think could be part of the 'basic' setup of the site or should be featured especially, let me know.


If this is your first time on the 43oh forum, I would also really recommend having a look around here. This site represents a great community with very competent and creative contributors. I'm the developer of Inventortown, and my blog is at http://lars.roland.bz . Other than hosting the forum here, Inventortown is not affiliated with 43oh.com, but I read it daily :)

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