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Found this on slickdeals.net:


This Rigol DS1052E 50MHz DSO can easily be hacked to 100MHz. This is direct from Rigol-NA. :D


Evidently there is a 6-question 'test' you can take during checkout to get the additional $30 off.


Sorry to my off-continent friends. :(


Also, sorry this isn't an Amazon link, bluehash. :(


Not sure how long this price is good.

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So I got the Rigol. It is my first true DSO. Im really happy so far.

I played with it a fair amount this weekend, and I went back and forth on weather to do "the hack".

So this morning I said WTF! its only money and went for it.

Here are the results.


before notice model number


after notice model number :clap:


apparently you can now go down to a 2ns rise time


not Rise(2) look at Time 2.000ns


anyhow I'm not complaining this should be more than enough for me.

if you want to do it check out http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog-speci ... mmy-guide/

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