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I am looking at picking up one of the little computer based oscilloscopes for my laptop, and I was wondering how to choose between the different ones. Which ones have you guys used and can recommend for a "first" real oscilloscope. I am looking to spend 200-300 ish I don't have a ton of money to spend on it.



Thanks for your help guys :)

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The only USB oszilloscope I have ever worked with was a PicoScope at college. I haven't heard anything good about another brand, because they usually have pretty lousy software which makes them almost useless. At work we are using Agilent 7 series which have USB and Ethernet connections, but that is a whole other level. :D


Personally, I'm looking to get a 2205 MSO, but that goes for twice as much as you are willing to spent. http://www.picotech.com/mixed-signal-oscilloscope.html

However, better to save up a little more than wasting what is also a significant amount of money for something that doesn't realy perform...




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