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How to add second Timer ?

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Hi huys,

I am currently using only TimerA in my code and here is code of use:


//choosing clk down below


  IFG1 &= ~OFIFG; 
  for (i = 0xFF; i > 0; i--); 
} while ((IFG1 & OFIFG) == OFIFG); 


// setting-up timerA for 500khz and interruption each 100ms 
TACTL = TASSEL_1 + MC_1 +ID_3; 
for (;
// service of interrupts here 

#pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR 
__interrupt void Timer_A (void){ 
// doing things each 100ms


I need to use also TimerB, so how to add it using same clock or different ?


I am asking becouse i dont know what registers to set up to avoid conflict of variables.


How to do add other TimerB using same clock as TimerA or different ?

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Be careful. Most MSP devices only contain 1 base timer module. Within that 1 timer module there may be several CCM's (Capture/compare modules) each CCM can cause an interrupt when the TAR (timer value) matches the CCR (Capture compare register)


If you tell us what IC you are using I can clarify more, but if your device has got a timerB module you should be able to set it up identically to your timerA module just replace the A's with B's

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