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Another Design Contest!

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Renesas is ahaving a design contest based around their RX controller, and they are giving away 1000 development boards that have everything on them (switches, LEDs, LCD, accelerometer, temp sensor, USB, ethernet...). Like the other contests mentioned here, they require an abstract to enter.


Give it a look!



BTW: Is it bad that I keep entering these contests with roughly the same abstract? ;)


EDIT: Just saw, it is North and South America only. Sorry to our other members. :(

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Well, I entered and forgot about this project, and guess what came via FedEx today! :D




Their site says they are out of the 1000 free boards, so I must have been one of the last to get one. This board is pure geek pr0n! It has everything! I wonder if I'll ever learn to use it properly, let alone finish my entry in the contest!


For a "little" help, Renesas also included a very nice book:




Look at the size of that book! (LaunchPad included for scale). If it takes this much to understand this platform, I don't think I have much of a chance at a prize. No matter, I feel like I've already won and received a $110 dev board and an expensive book as prizes!

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Holy cow! That is awesome!

Any plans for it? I like the LED ring.

I'll have to go through the tutorials and instruction videos at some point. My entry idea was a network-enabled home-control and monitoring system. I don't think I'll be able to learn this and do a complete entry by March, but we'll see.


Right now, I just want to work on getting character LCD libraries for the MSP430 (with and without a shift register), then get my energy usage monitor finished. I'm sure there will be some sidetracks along the way, like NatureTM's Pong game, and (hopefully) NJC's low freq. oscilloscope (got my extra EZ430-F2013 earmarked for that :D).

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Haha. I just got this dev board in the mail today. They didn't even email me to let me know I was picked. It was quite a nice surprise. I think it's really going to be a challenge for me to get comfortable on this platform. I'm worried I won't be able to accomplish what I had expected -- an interface to my car's OBD-II port.

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'm worried I won't be able to accomplish what I had expected -- an interface to my car's OBD-II port.


this should be easy** to accomplish, so far from what i see is that most of these arm boards use CMSIS. I think this is pretty standard across the arm cortex platform



**easy - as in easier then learning assembly lol

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