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Curiosity Poll: Launchpad/coding/microcontrollers experience

How much experience do you have with the launchpad/coding/microcontrollers?  

86 members have voted

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I've been curious about the 43oh community for a while (and I'm sure others have been as well), so I'm going to post a few polls about the different people we have here. This is the first of several.

As you get better in these subjects, you can update your vote.


PS: If you have a better way to word these options, contact me!

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Does it count when you write crap code you know works for yourself but then tidy it up and write clean code when for others? lol I know that my code for all this stuff is only 1/2 what it could be, but it runs ;)


I picked the first choice for the Launchpad, though I question that a little, since I also picked the third choice for mcu's... :mrgreen:

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When creating a poll, you can add up to ten options for people to choose from, and set how many of those one user can check at once. So I set up a three-subject poll, with three options for each subject, eg. low, med, hi. The only problem was, I don't know quite how to word the questions. Can y'all think of a better way to phrase them?


Wasn't sure how to answer the coding question. I consider myself an intermediate coder, but I still need some help coding for the MSP430. Does that count as beginner coder, or knowing little about microcontrollers (which I also marked)? ;)

IMHO, it would be knowing little about microcontrollers.

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