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SDCard Booster Pack

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Just came in today along with the Wiznet Wifi PCBs


First test successful with code from here.
Card detect LED needs to be added in. Currently running on a 2553 USCI. Jumper support is available for 2452 USI too.



Schematics in a few days. I'm too tired right now.

Latest code:

Suggested for Next Rev:
1.Add mini SD support
2.Wire gnd line to pid 6 of sd card connector. Thanks Rick!
3. Add micro SD support?
4. Dac/LM386(<-Rick's suggestion)

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It was great to watch you go through the process with this one blue. Turned out great! I was looking at those SD adapters the other day and was surprised at their price. Have you found any reaonable sources for them?

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Bluehash, Thanks for sharing this.

Is the bare board from the store the same as this? ( DEV-MSP-SDCARD-BOOST-PCB ).


Can you provide the part number for the SD Card socket?

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