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T6963 Graphical LCD libraries

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Wow - I totally missed this library. I just wrapped up a bunch of changes on mine as well (I'll post later). I was able to implement a horizontal line function as well as an Ellipse function. I also set up local variables to hold runtime values of the #defines used in the library (there's a lot of division and multiplication happening every time you want an address calculated). I know you made a lot of speed changes as well - I'll take a look and see about combining our changes.


Also - the guy who sold the LCD's on eBay has a bunch more - he's got a couple up online again, as well as another 5 or so - if anyone is interested. He said I could pick them up for $3 if I wanted more.


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Can you help me about ks0108 library written for MSP430 ?

I've searched it but i can't find any information in this forum.




I don't think that controller is compatible with the T6963c, but you could certainly map the graphic functions once you had a good base for the KS0108 (although you might need to change some of the functions we've optimized for this controller). I'd start by searching for a MSP430 library for that controller, or look into porting a library for another MCU (such as AVR). You might also have some luck starting a new thread - see if somebody else here has already used one.

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I used an old Floppy cable, a piece of perfboard and some headers to do the primary connections. You can see my setup here.

The biggest pain with this LCD was the negative voltage for the contrast which required -13v. RobG and I have worked on some voltage inverters, but I have yet to use one with my LCD. You can find more about that in this topic.

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