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[Group Buy-2][D]CC2500 RF Module - GB2

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-----------Shipped from Vendor---------- This was our second most successful group buy. Thanks for participating! Please let me know if you are interested in anything else. Doing this also helps get

SugarAddict---20 Bluehash ------25 Rob-------------4(or 2) Rcouto---------6 Megamerican--4 Rickta59-------4 caa028---------6 zborgerd-------4 Lars------------10(I) Geekdoc--------4 EskimoBob

Can you please sign me up for 6 please?  

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You might want to reconsider shipping prices/methods. New USPS mail prices went into effect on the 22nd this month.


A 3oz FCM package is now $1.95.


Also can you experiment with packing in standard and large envelopes. As you can get away with putting say 4 radios in one letter, and then you just have to pay for 3oz at letter price and a cheap (20 cent) non-machinable surcharge for a total of $1.06. And you would also save on the packaging costs. :)


Also if you can't do the above, cheat packaging costs by using a standard envelope and then just wrap bubble wrap around the item and bingo, you saved around a dollar.


As for labels, i have seen a lot of sellers/shippers use UPS shipping labels (Which are provided for free) for use with USPS and FedEx. (Sneaky, but it can save time and some money)


Flat rate legal and padded envelopes can be your friend, as you can stuff them as much as you want (if they close) for only about $4.95. Trust me. The legal size envelope is huge, and free.


How do i know this? I sold on eBay for months, until i couldn't compete with the oversea sellers. (It's amazing how far $50 for start up can go.)

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