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[Group Buy-2][D]CC2500 RF Module - GB2

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Sorry zeke.. no gb for you:



Bluehash ------25

Rob-------------4(or 2)






















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... till we reach 100. If before 30th of Jan, I can still wait as there is the Chinese New Year going on.


Is anyone planning a big breakout PCB batch?


I would be interested on those, I don't know if I'll be able to solder wires to 0.05" to test it on a breadboard.

I'm in Europe so if bluehash would have some I would gladly order them (up to 10, not sure what's the cost for it) so they would go with the same mail as the RF module.

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Confused :crazy:

What's the breakout board for? - Are you taking about a plugin style board for the launchpad that the CC2500 module can be soldered directly onto?


Thats the question.. The module comes with connectors 0.05" apart. Breadboard, protoboard etc use connections 0.1" apart. So soldering wires connecting those to header pins or some such would be possible but would be fragile and a pain.. So the main options are to solder the modules to a "Booster" to fit onto the Launchpad. This would work and be easy to connect.. but harder (but not impossible) to use with other devices. The other option is to solder the device to a breakout board which would be smaller with just enough space for the module, any supporting components required and header pins. This is not as easy as a booster to initially connect/use, but for those who prototype with breadboard or something similar with 0.1" it would be much easier to use.


Some people would etch/fab their own circuit boards and there is no real issue for them as they can use the module on their PCBs directly.


Hope this helps



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Thanks Dan.

Yeah.. I agree with the breakout plan.. I only use the launchpad for programming my 430s which sit on breadboard. So if there was a breakout Id order a couple.

Can a BP fit onto a breadboard? I need to test this.


Initial designs by SA/Opossum here. Please contribute your thoughts to this thread as a decision has to be quickly made if you wish to get your boosterpacks/breakouts mailed with your radios.




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Booster pack pins are too far apart for breadboard (I know from trying to use breadboard to hold headers while soldering). :?


Why not give two header locations on a booster pack? One could use the wider set for booster pack use, or mount the narrower set for breadboard use (maybe even cut off the "wings")?


Just a thought. (See my sig.)

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