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My dream dev stick - just dreaming, not real thing

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Ok this is an MP3 player with 2GB storage, not a development stick but a lot of it fits my "dream dev stick":




1. the form factor similar to the TI USB development stick

2. OLED display

3. capacitive touch sensors (on the righ hand side)

4. retactable USB connectors

5. push bottons on the side

6. rechargeable battery (implies RTC would be easy)


Add these features and it will be perfect


1. Top TI MCU

2. GPIO connecotrs (exposed when a cap cover perhaps on the bottom is removed)

3. build in RF module (again like the TI RF2500 stick)

4. more LEDs for general purpose output.

5. special adapter for accessories like a basic shield mounting for the LP.


Ok it's night time over here so i think i can see it came true in dream soon... :lol:

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This wouldn't be too hard to create. The biggest hassle would be trying to add IO connections, a specialized small connector to a larger board would increase cost and make it more fragile.


but OLED screens are tiny and MSPs are tiny. they could both easily be connected together.


Here is something I made ages ago. it's a AVR XMEGA on a PCB behind a small 128x64 pixel OLED display


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