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[solved] mspgcc: how to declare integers ?

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I think this should fix all your exceptions

#define PORT_IN (P1DIR |= BIT4)
#define PORT_OUT (P1DIR &= ~BIT4)

corrected but still the same error

You might want to change all of your variables to lowercase. It's all I had to change to get it to compile. Also, in your declaration you're missing the E.

Tried this already and tried again - nope.


And it's not eclipse, same results in the terminal. :(

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Tried this already and tried again - nope.

The TI headers define single-character macros for the bits representing flags in the status word:

#define C                   (0x0001)
#define Z                   (0x0002)
#define N                   (0x0004)
#define V                   (0x0100)

This causes a syntax error in the line that defines all your single-character variables. Add:

#undef C

after the include of msp430.h, and a declaration for E, and you should be OK.


Generally, though, use more descriptive variable names, especially as globals, and especially if they're going to be all-caps (which is normally the style used for macro names).

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hmmm, the errors are gone. I copied the declaration to SetSpeed and hit build then there was an error about the 2nd declaration "variable declared but unused". Now after removal of the 2nd declarartion it's building. :thumbup:


Now I have to remember not to use i and j for loops.


Still a bit weird all this...


Cheers guys


Edit: Peter's post came in while I was typing. That is an explanation for this behaviour - THANK YOU. Sure you're right, I will change them to timing[A-J], avoids collisions with loop counters too.

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* main.c
*  Created on: 15.01.2012
*      Author: oppa


#define PORT_IN (P1DIR |= BIT4)
#define PORT_OUT (P1DIR &= ~BIT4)

void tickDelay(int tick);
void SetSpeed(int standard);

int time_A,time_B,time_C,time_D,time_E,time_F,time_G,time_H,time_I,time_J;

void SetSpeed(standard){
if (standard){
	// Standard Speed
	time_A = 6 * 4;
	time_B = 64 * 4;
	time_C = 60 * 4;
	time_D = 10 * 4;
	time_E = 9 * 4;
	time_F = 55 * 4;
	time_G = 0;
	time_H = 480 * 4;
	time_I = 70 * 4;
	time_J = 410 * 4;
	// Overdrive Speed
	time_A = 1.5 * 4;
	time_B = 7.5 * 4;
	time_C = 7.5 * 4;
	time_D = 2.5 * 4;
	time_E = 0.75 * 4;
	time_F = 7 * 4;
	time_G = 2.5 * 4;
	time_H = 70 * 4;
	time_I = 8.5 * 4;
	time_J = 40 * 4;

**** Build of configuration Debug for project ds18b20 ****

make all 
Building file: ../main.c
Invoking: MSP430 C Compiler
/home/oppa/bin/eclipse/msp430-toolchain/linux-i386/bin/msp430-gcc-wrapper -O0 -g -Wall -mmcu=msp430g2231 -std=gnu89 -c -o "main.o" "../main.c"
Finished building: ../main.c

Building target: ds18b20.elf
Invoking: MSP430 Linker
/home/oppa/bin/eclipse/msp430-toolchain/linux-i386/bin/msp430-gcc-wrapper -mmcu=msp430g2231 -o "ds18b20.elf"  ./main.o 
Finished building target: ds18b20.elf

**** Build Finished ****


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