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Neckbearded pipe smokers? (cigars too)

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Haha, just kidding about the neckbearded part. But only because I haven't shaved in over a month.


I know this site is mostly a younger crowd but do any of you older guys smoke tobacco pipes or cigars? If so, what are you favorite smokes or blends? I've been smoking a bit of Nicholsworth (nice blend with a hint of hazelnut) from our local tobacconist. Pretty decent stuff for the price. Stopping by there today to pick up a little Perique sampler for the weekend.


Last week, the wife surprised me with a very nice Rocky Patel Old World Reserve cigar as a reward for finishing the house siding. Very nice smoke after a long, hard day of work.

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I quit cigarettes 20 years ago. But when I was active-duty military, I tried a hookah in Kuwait. They had a lot of interesting flavors of tobacco; came in compressed little blocks. I didn't care for it much.


We also had a tradition to have a cigar the night before we headed home. Most places we went, we could get real Cuban cigars. They were quite good. :D

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No neck beard here.


I'm an oldie compared to all these other young whipper snappers and sadly, I can't grow a beard yet. I shave every second day.


When I was five, my friend and I stole his mom's pack of Rothman's and smoked 20 in a row. :crazy: :!!!:


I cured myself of the smoking curiosity that day.

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After ten years of Mar Reds, I have quit. A couple years in Mexico and Florida, at a few bucks a pack didnt help. It was very satifying experience. I tried the mints, and they were great (gum tasted like sh&^). When I ran out I started to crave the nicotine, and I tried a couple of cigars. The expensive ones were a disapointment when I threw them out the window after five minutes. The cheap "owl" brand are the local fav for blunts, but they actually are pretty smoothe, and i didnt feel bad having one every day or so. Luckily I met a buddy, of angelic character. He has struggled with many addictions over the years and smoking was his latest triumph. He was a heavy 2 pack a day guy, so I was quite impressed. Last time I saw him he had quit for a year or two. This time he admitted to a relapse, which he had overcome with a new device. He gave me one of those electronic cigs, offered me a puff of his "bong-like" vaporizor, and I have been hooked since. There are many flavors, etc, but puffs on this little "flashlight" have completely rid me of the desire to buy any cigs. Lets hope the vapor doesnt kill in some unforseen way :o

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