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TI offers an I2C library for USCI devices like the G2553. http://www.ti.com/general/docs/litabsmultiplefilelist.tsp?literatureNumber=slaa368a


The ADC doesn't get much simpler than TI's examples but you can check with the EasyMSP library offered by MattTheGeek. There's a dedicated sub-forum on here as well the source link http://code.google.com/p/easymsp/

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Oops, I gave you the wrong link. I have a whole page of TI links.







It is pretty easy once you learn what they all do. Nothing wrong with using a library here and there though. For my I2C code, I rolled my own built from the examples TI provided. The libraries just didn't meet all of my needs.

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Not any real disadvantages, it's jut a basic library to show usage functions for I2C on USCI. I needed some different functions and buffers for transferring data within my application. So, I progressed from the library to the examples to rolling my own.


I don't think there is a general library. MSP430Ware is TI's new driver library built into CCS. It only fully covers the 5x and 6x devices right now. It does include all of the examples for the full lineup though.


If you're looking to make the Launchpad like an Arduino with the higher level functions provided in the IDE, there are few projects going on. EasyMSP seems to be the most up to date. MSPhere and Friendly Launchpad are two others. Not sure of the current development on those.

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I try use this library, but this it's suitable for msp430g2553 device, i do some corrections to work with the msp430g2553, like the SCL SDA pins and port configuration, but persists doesn't working.

The msp430g2553 have a Errata Datasheet with big inssures on USCI module I2C Mode, my unique option is read this Errada and try correct the library to msp430g2553 device.

If someone have this knowledge please help us.


MSP430G2553 Technical Documents:


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Hello, I am working with MSP430G2553 and i was wondering if there any library to this microcontroller. I have seen the code examples and the registers are modified to do something. I am thinking like high level programming. For instance, libraries for i2c or adc would be ideal for me.




If you are not in big hurry and you can wait about one week more.

I have written 2 libraries for I2C on MSP430G2553.

- one using hardware USCI so lines SDA and SCL are fixed

- second is fully software I2C so you can use it on any MSP430G2553 ports

  or if you need more than one I2C protocols

The delay is because I have a lot of work in this week, but in next I will post them on my WIKI. 

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