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Launchpad male headers

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I just ordered another launchpad to replace one I bricked updating the firmware in Virtual box. The new launchpad already has the male headers soldered on. This seems odd as it also shipped with the female headers in the box. I guess I will have to desolder them and put on the female headers.

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Nah, removing males is easier than females. Just cut 2-3 of the pins apart like you would if it was loose and you were snipping from a stick. Put the LP in a handy-hand or holder... I tend to just let it stay loose. Hold the long end of the pin with small pliers while putting the solder iron on the small soldered end. The pin will come out and the lp will fall to your bench or stay in place on the vice as you pull the pin out.


Once you have all your pins out you can use braid to remove the solder from the holes and put on females (or get some of these)

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I'm having issues with posting things (chalk it up to the fact I'm slightly special needs when it comes to using Internet Explorer), but Mike at US Water Rockets sent me this video that I thought was a neat solution to the male headers!





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