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They should call it sparknotfun now. I havent been so disappointed in anything so small in along time, in fact i am angry. I spent valuable moments of my life entering nonsensical words over, and over. It was my choice, but %^$* do i regret it. I may never even look at that store again. Was this a psychological experiment? :evil:


Yeah, I don't know how many I typed, but it was 3-4 hours worth. Totally not worth it and a complete waste...

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I almost fall off the chair laughing this morning with the "wont win" one hahahaha :D


Living in the other side of the earth when this started it was midnight, so lucky me can sit comfortably in home trying. I couldn't resist and tried for like 15 minutes. Didn't get anything and told myself got to sleep cuz need to go work tomorrow. I do believe a local saying here that translate "if it is yours, it's yours". If i won i will be better off with $100, and if i didn't i still feel lucky cuz there are already many good stuff like the LP, FranchPad, and arduino with me and i work to earn the money for more :thumbup:


Congratulations to all who won!

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