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It's the combined (and perfectly aligned) drilling and cutting out that tempted me in the direction of milled PCBs rather than etched. Nice and easy to produce a PCB in any shape you like.


This is the PCB I milled for my updated  MSP430-based PeeLight. It's nothing too complicated - just some simple through hole stuff. I have done some SOIC too.



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Finally got my hands on the Dremel table (Black Friday sales rule!)

It doesn't work as good as I expected, but good enough.

I think my bit might be the problem here so I will get another one and see how that works.


attachicon.gifphoto 1.jpegattachicon.gifphoto 2.jpegattachicon.gifphoto 3.jpeg


I just set this up in the garage... after owning it for 2-3 weeks :-X (busy busy busy)... It worked amazing on the first test.  Found the depth I'll use pretty easily.  Now to just thread two holes in some spare delrin I've got and make the guide bar solid so there isn't that stupid hole in it.

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