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FET Bridge - Program/Debug/Comm adapter for Launchpad

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This board plugs in to the Launchpad and provides several common connectors.


The 6 pin 50 & 100 mil SBW connectors are the same pinout as the eZ430 dongle and provide Spy-by-wire program/debug and UART communication to the host PC.


The 2x7 pin JTAG connector has the same pinout as the TI MSP-FET430PIF and MSP-FET430UIF. Only SBW programming is supported - the JTAG configuration will not work.


The 6 pin FTDI connector has the same pinout as the FTDI USB to serial cable. It can be used to allow the Lauchpad FET UART to be used as a USB to serial adapter, or to use a FTDI cable or compatible device to provide higher bit rate communication to the host PC (hardware UART pinout). The Launchpad TXD/RXD jumpers must be removed in the later case.


The config block allows power to the JTAG and FTDI connectors, and optional handshake on the FTDI connector.







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