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DIP package breadboard breakout

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This is a breakout board for 20 pin DIP package MSP430. It is intended to plug in to a solderless breadboard.


Dimensions are 50.0 mm x 24.6 mm, so two will fit on a 50 x 50 mm panel.


It is SIL style rather than the more common DIL style so that all the pins can be clearly labeled and logically ordered. This style also allows 4 of the 5 holes in a column be be used. Can be used with straight or right angle header strip.


The circuit is minimalist with just a bypass cap and resistor on /Reset. Optional xtal and power LED.


Provision for 50 mil and/or 100 mil program/debug/UART headers. Selectable soft or hard UART configuration.


In addition to the 18 pin header on the bottom, there is an optional 2 pin header that connects to the power rails of the breadboard.





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