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Custom CC3200 board - Change I2C to PIN 3/4

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Hello there,

I am currently trying to write a custom firmware for an existing board I have. 

The I2C pin are connected to pins 3/4 of the cc3200, but in the standard case on the Launchpad is PIN 1/2 which won't work for me.

So I stepped into the Wire.c and changed the begin() part:

void TwoWire::begin(void)
    MAP_PRCMPeripheralClkEnable(PRCM_I2CA0, PRCM_RUN_MODE_CLK);
    MAP_PinModeSet(PIN_01, PIN_MODE_0);
    MAP_PinModeSet(PIN_02, PIN_MODE_0);
    //MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_01, PIN_MODE_1);
    //MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_02, PIN_MODE_1);
    MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_03, PIN_MODE_5);
    MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_04, PIN_MODE_5);
    MAP_I2CMasterInitExpClk(I2C_BASE, F_CPU, true);

But checking it with my logic analyzer just show that pint 3/4 are pulled high (due to the board itself to be in i2c spec). No clock is visible. Even when using an i2c scanner which should be visible.

Am I making everything right or I don't? Do I have to make some more changes to get this working?

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